About Us

Wednesday, Oct 05, 2022

About Us
The most complete and tested transactional evidence database

Unique insights for the Greek & Cypriot real estate market

Delfi Analytics is a revolutionary platform that enables users to view graphical or visualized data using cross-data tabulations to depict actual transactions and data projections.

Delfi Analytics uses proprietary algorithms to continuously ingest, analyze and transform ever growing amounts of data from various sources into an optimized solution that enables businesses to dynamically adjust to ever changing environments.

We use advanced statistical and econometric analysis of data sourced from the most reliable and scrutinized data sources, including the Land Registry, Ministry of Finance, Central Banks data, Eurostat, World Bank and IMF projections as well as primary research (incl. data from catchment area analysis, underwritings projects, actuals Delfi transactional data, etc).

Delfi Analytics is also enhanced through the in-depth experience of Delfi Partners’ portfolio underwriting, with more than €60bn assets reviewed across Greece and Cyprus over the last 8 years.