Advanced Analytics

Wednesday, Oct 05, 2022

Data Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Unleash the insight of your data

Delfi Analytics provides a full portfolio of advanced analytic tools and expertise, empowering analysts, from beginners to advanced modellers, to develop, build, test, deploy and manage any type of financial and data models.

For more than 10 years, DP executives have been at the forefront of advanced analytics, pioneering data analytics that have helped companies achieve greater success.

Overcome the problem

A shortage of analytical experts plus the complex nature of most data models lead many local and international companies to either outsource model development or take a "home-grown" route lacking standardisation. Resulting models can fail to meet necessary standards, prove difficult to integrate and impede productivity.

Add value to your data

Delfi Analytics helps design models and interpret your data utilising unique data sources that provide you deep insight to the market, enabling your company to get ahead.

Take advantage of unique insights

Delfi Advanced Analytics offers advanced and practical data analytics tools, providing unique proprietary data modelling designed and fit primarily sourced data for the local economy.

Accelerate your business journey

By taking a deep dive into the Delfi Advanced Analytics will help your company to accelerate its growth making data-driven decisions based on reliable forecasting & econometric models. The advanced analytics can create accurate & solid fundamentals improving business processes & management.