Data Management

Wednesday, Oct 05, 2022

Data Analytics

Data Management

Solve your biggest & most complex business problems

To extract real value from data, businesses need solutions to help them extract and align what is important and quickly determine analytical lessons. The volume, velocity and variety of datasets make it extremely challenging to find the right processed data so as corporations can use them to take better informed decisions.

Delfi Analytics provides optimised data retrieval, analysis and mapping solutions to connect and leverage data from the most diverse range of data regardless of data source, variety or volume. Our experts provide unparalleled data management to quickly ingest and synthesise any data source to optimally deliver the best solutions for any analytic challenge.

Up to
Reduction in time to deploy analytic models
Up to
Increase in model performance
Up to
Reduction in time to develop decision management applications
Up to
Improvement in business performance through optimal actions

Data Model Management

Data analytic models are the heart of an organisations decision making process. To manage the often disconnected array of ungoverned models, companies need solutions and advice to construct and enforce standardised processes for how all data and financial models are developed, and how they evolve over time.

Governance, Regulatory & Compliance

With complete visibility into the lifecycle of every model throughout the company, managers can more accurately manage these models and provide the necessary information for regulatory compliance. Workflow management features provide an audit trail for the processing and management of data. Performance monitoring ensures model efficacy, enabling you to make consistently better decisions.

Data Quality

To avoid faulty results in analytics applications, the quality of data that is gathered is clearly paramount for successful decision-making. By using strict processes, methods & technologies, DP collects reliable, up-to-date & trustworthy data in order to provide an accurate & high-quality real estate mapping.

Data Warehousing

Delfi Analytics’ databank gathers and stores an unprecedented amount of data on the Greek & Cyprus economy using heterogeneous sources such as Ministry of Finance, Bank of Greece, Eurostat & Cystat etc. The platform has the ability to cross-check data, see across databases, offers regular market report updates on all major industry sectors, offers exclusive & unique insights into the local market and economy etc.