Wednesday, Dec 08, 2021

Greek Construction Industry | Key trends in 2020

Author : Delfi Partners
  • March 26, 2021

In 2020, Private Building Activity in Greece seems still unaffected by the pandemic breakout, keeping up its positive trend for fourth consecutive year. However, the actual impact on the construction industry will be clearly measured in a couple of years.

More specifically, the building permits went up 8.9% in 2020 compared with the corresponding period in 2019 recording 18,768 issued building permits. This figure corresponds to 4,055 thousand m2 of surface (+8.9% yoy) and 17,196 thousand m3 of volume (+5.9% yoy). Moreover, the new building permits increased by 14.4% over the year 2020 recording 6.915 permits & accounting for 36.8% of the total building activity.

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