Wednesday, Dec 08, 2021

Real estate and the big challenge of modernization due to COVID-19

Author : Dr. George Mountis
  • December 01, 2020
It has been more than six months since the COVID-19 pandemic has struck the Greek society, with the effects being intense on the wider economy. As in all European countries, along with the public finances, significant sectors of activity have been affected, and inevitably the real estate sector.

Cypriot Construction Industry | Key trends in 2020

Author : Delfi Analytics
  • April 05, 2021
In 2020, a year marked by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the building activity in Cyprus slumped after a five-year increase. The major causes for the decline in the construction industry are mainly the coronavirus outbreak & the cancellation of the Cyprus Naturalisation program. Specifically, building permits dropped slightly by 2.7%, from 7,218 in 2019 to 7,023 in 2020.

How has COVID-19 impacted the Hospitality Sector in Cyprus?

Author : Delfi Partners
  • June 22, 2021
Hospitality & tourism sector plays an important role in Cyprus economy, contributing significantly to the national GDP every year. However, over the previous year, it suffered a severe crisis due to COVID-19 and the implications of worldwide travel restrictions. In this survey, we will examine how coronavirus affected popular areas of Cyprus, the most resilient areas that keep growing despite the pandemic break out & the expectations of the industry for the future.

Real Estate Dynamics in Cyprus | October 2021

Author : Delfi Partners
  • October 07, 2021
After a year's pause due to COVID-19, the real estate market is on a recovery trajectory in Cyprus. Our report aims to provide an overview of the real estate market in Cyprus focusing on the key pillars such as transfers of sales, contracts of sales, number of mortgages & amount of mortgages. The report also captures the impact of the pandemic outbreak on the residential prices across the country & how they vary across the country's districts.